1. To conduct activities on study promotion such as: supporting stationeries, books, and notebooks; organizing charitable classes for handicap children overcoming their poverties and difficulties in studying.

2. To guide on bio sports and exercises to improve community health.

3. To mobilize charitable bookcases and books for Center for Fostering Orphans and Abandoned Children, and for other difficult areas nationwide.

4. To contribute milk, sugar, clothes, and diapers to family of Mr. Tong Phuoc Phuc living in Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province who is fostering 24 abandoned children (from 0 to 3 years old) and misled girls.

5. To mobilize acceptance and job creation of the Enterprises to poor patients living in Kidney Patient Hamlet (about 400 patients who are under treatment in Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi)

6. To co-ordinate with volunteer professors and doctors at local and foreign Hospitals to conduct the examination, consultancy and treatment free of charge of those common diseases for the poor, the olds, street & handicap children, and etc.

7. To co-ordinate with volunteer doctors at Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics to execute operation free of charge for children born with cleft palate.

8. To support the poor, the olds as well as handicap children who have difficulties in materials and necessities in life.

9. To help on vocational training and job creating for the Blinds.

10. To publish four books and stories under the authorization of Major-general, Doctor and Writer Nguyen Chu Phac:
                         1. Sacred Journey to Look for Revolutionary Marty

                         2. Final Remains

                         3. Noong Nhai Hong Cum

                         4. Temple of the Death

Money from book selling shall be used for charity to the poor and the handicap people


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